Corregidor Chronicles (Part 1)

Surreal.  The 1 hour and 15 minute ferry ride on a weekday early this year took me back to hazy Manila Bay and 48 kilometers west of Manila to a tadpole-shaped island at the end of the Bay. The island is called Corregidor, an historic small, rocky island that was a key bastion of Philippine allies during World War II. The ferry ride via Sun Cruises was not as exciting as when we landed.  The island takes you back in time when Corregidor was the site of two costly sieges and pitched battles between the Imperial Japanese Army and the U.S. Navy, the first in 1942 and the second one in January 1945.



Photo shot at Battery Way, one of the gun emplacements in Corregidor Island.

batteryhearn1Battery Hearn’s largest cannon on Corregidor Island.  Named after Brigadier General Clint C. Hearn, its reach can go as far as 26 miles (flat trajectory range).


The Old Spanish Lighthouse. Built and first lighted in the 1850s, it stands at the highest point in the island.  Imagine yourself standing on its peak during WWII and seeing warships from afar.


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