Photo of the Day: Deadly Season



There is something about dead trees and dark, dreary buildings that inspire and create poetry, if not madness.  It could be that the darkness awaken spirits within them or within us…

Scarlet writings etched upon the wall

A reminder of that fateful day

Of hues and picturesque sights
On my canvas

Mystery. Passion. Fear. Angst.
Pierced and smeared with black and white

Capturing every space and turning it
Into a masterpiece

Blank. White. Pallid.


Photo of the Day: Winter


As a first timer on anything winter, it was inevitable to capture everything surreal about this season.  The season may be dreary but the effects on the trees, the people and the surroundings give that picturesque ooomph to it.  Who could resist this photo?  As soon as my eyes saw it, I really had to capture it.

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