What Lies Ahead

whatliesaheadIt is definitely a new year and as much as I would like to check the horoscope or every written account of what is in store for me in the coming 360 plus days, I would rather stick to the plan and live each day as it is and maintain focus on my goals.

So, what are the goals? Ummm…let me see.  First off is the physical goal, to keep fit.  Maintain a 55 kg weight, run 3 times a week, ride the bike every weekend and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  Reality check: copied that from another person’s physical goal.  Nah! It may be a far fetched goal but at least I have one, right? It is a good thing that I still leave the couch and lace up whenever I can but I need to keep the momentum going this year, seriously.  

Ok, next in line is the financial goal.  Save at least $100 a month. Recently read an article from the Business Insider that one should start small when saving.  As mentioned, you need to keep a portion of your earnings right away before you even start paying the bills and spending on anything.  However, the article also reiterated that you do not need to save enormously at once, start small with at least $50 a month (I know, my goal is huge but what the heck – it is a goal anyway).  Once you acquire the saving habit, it could be addicting and your primary instinct would automatically tell you to increase the amount once you see how fruitful the practice has become.  Agree?  Well, let us see and I will definitely get back to you on that, maybe 6 months after, if not earlier.  

Emotional.  Now, why would I have any goals on my well-being?  Simple, when you have a positive outlook in life and if you forego petty quarrels or little things that previously made you become so sensitive, all good things will come back to you.  It is simple physics really.  For every action, there is a reaction.  For every good deed, there is always something good that comes out of it.  What comes around, goes around.  Ok, I’m blabbing now.  Anyway, are you digging what I mean?  If you keep your life simple, positive and bright, chances are everything will definitely be simple, positive and bright as well.

Deadlines. Ensure that I meet them every time and maintain quality to a ‘T’.  As I always say (but sometimes never do), it is just a matter of prioritising and making a check list of every possible task there is, even as simple as doing the laundry or walking the dog or making that check list!  I must admit, with the onset of technology in my hands, that is, having a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone somehow makes it difficult to keep tabs of every task at hand.  I guess I have to keep the reminders in the most stone age way possible.  Keeping a journal and writing everything down.  If you are like me, who finds it difficult to comprehend her own writing, suggest you sometimes write in capital letters.  No really!

Whew! Never thought that making a list of your goals can be tiring in itself.  What more in keeping these goals at bay?  Don’t worry, I’ll keep posts coming.  Otherwise, I’ll keep myself posted and grounded, if need be.

Happy 2015 Everyone!




Anything can happen


Sometimes even the most hardened rules that you have set for yourself turn to ashes and are left aside like sawdust that stings your eyes and leave a bleeding scar of oblivion. On one hand you ask, what you have done. On the other, what you have not. As much as you try to answer either, it still comes right back as a question of expectation. Expectations are our worst enemies. It puts up bait that seem dreamy and hopeful that your adrenalin revs you up to a maximum. It clears you of reason and wonder and takes you rocket-straight to momentum. With all systems on a go, you are lifted and hyped, leaving everything else on hold.

Photo of the Day: Deadly Season



There is something about dead trees and dark, dreary buildings that inspire and create poetry, if not madness.  It could be that the darkness awaken spirits within them or within us…

Scarlet writings etched upon the wall

A reminder of that fateful day

Of hues and picturesque sights
On my canvas

Mystery. Passion. Fear. Angst.
Pierced and smeared with black and white

Capturing every space and turning it
Into a masterpiece

Blank. White. Pallid.

Photo of the Day: Winter


As a first timer on anything winter, it was inevitable to capture everything surreal about this season.  The season may be dreary but the effects on the trees, the people and the surroundings give that picturesque ooomph to it.  Who could resist this photo?  As soon as my eyes saw it, I really had to capture it.

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