The 150 Word Article


How does one promote oneself in one hundred fifty words?

If you’re stuck in a 6×8 room with only the sounds from the crickets outside, the Ikea clock on your wall and a 2-year old fan to keep you upbeat in this dog day afternoon, there doesn’t seem to be any worthwhile topic to work on.

Or are there?  Let us see some possibilities…

1. Drag the number word count into words to meet the target count due to lack of a topic in mind;

2. Surf the internet until you land in a number of sites that takes you to another site that requires you to come up with an article of 400 words;

3. Stare at an object in the room and come up with amazing tips on how to use it;

4. Log in to Facebook and start stalking…rather, talking;

5. Call a friend and tell her you’re working on this one hundred fifty (sorry, can’t help it) word article that needs to be submitted and maybe she can help.

Imagine that…just finished a write-up with a hundred and eighty word count! Damn, just when the ideas are starting to roll…


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