If I ever get a chance to travel through time


There are more than one instance when I wish I could travel through time. Either back to when I was born or forward into the future. Thing is, as much as I try to invent the nearest time machine (as if I’m even trying), I always get goose bumps, anxious of what the other side could behold. Do you recall Michael J. Fox in the movie, Back to the Future? If you don’t know Michael J. Fox or even the movie Back to the Future, then poor you, you’re not in my age group…nah, just kidding! Anyway, the movie depicted Michael J. Fox who accidentally got a chance to travel through time to when his mother and father were still in high school. It was an amazing journey for him, it was one heck of a time travel for us all – it took 3 movies of travelling through time for the character that Michael portrayed to realize that he should not have changed anything in the past.

Another movie on time travel is The Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, don’t tell me you have not heard of that movie. Really?! Under what huge rock did you crawl out of?!?! This movie even introduced a new TV series, the Sarah Connor Chronicles (nope, I didn’t get my blog title from that series). The movie’s plot is set in the 21st century and the lead actor goes back through time with a mission and there, in the 80s, he met The Terminator.

Seriously, if I ever get a chance to travel through time, I wish I could see what it was like when I was born, or even during the time when my parents haven’t met yet. That would have been awkward but exciting (oops, there is that goose bump again). But at least, I could try to reason out with my Dad to quit smoking and focus on his future. Or I could have told him to invest in Microsoft before marrying Ma, then he still doesn’t have to work his butt out but he’ll still get rich!

The thing that the movie Back to the Future taught me is never to change the course of the past or the present as it will alter the future, yeah, I got all that from the trilogy. So, if I had that chance to travel through time, the most likely outcome if my Dad had invested in Microsoft, he would have married a different gal and I would not have been born…yikes!

Time travel has been depicted in a number of movies, even TV series, and each time there is a different story where the protagonist would go back to the past and find the best way to change the future. Below are just some of the memorable travel time movies so far (who knows what the future holds). I must admit I haven’t seen some of them.

10. Somewhere In Time

9. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

8. Looper

7. Groundhog Day

6. Primer

5. The Terminator

4. Star Trek IV

3. Mr. Peabody & Sherman

2. Back to the Future

1. 12 Monkeys


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